Teachers deserve better than what they’re getting

Where are our priorities? We give lip service to many issues that deal with our keiki, and yet we watch as our teachers grovel for their salaries and have health benefits reinstated. Anyone think we should reimburse them for losses incurred during the period of reduction?

We expect the same level of service and impose evaluation issues that are incongruent to what is happening in our community. It is time to have teachers dump the union and get salary commissioners to fix the financial issues that are imposed on them.

The recent raise in county salaries is a slap in the face to educators who have a larger impact in our community.

The message is simple: Why deal with the stress of being a teacher explaining the issues of inequities in life?

Instead, the message will be get a job that does not require you to be accountable and a popular campaign is a path to success. Evaluating a teacher from a student perspective is not the same as voting for the next prom court.

Cliff R. Libed