Teachers should have the option to arm themselves

The quip above the April 7 Opinion page cartoon reads, “NRA wants to arm teachers. . .” Below the quip are pictures of an alphabet along with a firearm simulating the example of the alphabet, e.g., A for Automatic (pistol), B for Berreta (semiautomatic pistol), C for Colt (single-shot pistol), etc.

After looking at the pictures then starting on the opinion column, it dawned on me that the cartoon wasn’t just relaying news but taking a jab at the NRA.

I don’t believe the NRA wants to force teachers to be armed. I do believe that the NRA wants teachers to have the right/option to do so, to protect their students and themselves. I also do believe that this is part of a rational solution to addressing the “mentally ill with guns” portion of the problem.

If I were a teacher and given the option to arm myself, though, I would seriously take the cartoon into consideration and arm myself accordingly: Automatic first choice, Berreta second choice, Colt third choice, etc. Pair of scissors? I don’t think so.

Russell Higa