These are the people for pope to father and love

While we had been speculating on the qualities that the new pope should have, we forgot to focus on who we were – the people that the new pope would serve.

Who are the people that Pope Francis will father and love? We are all good people and, like all good people, we sin. We hope that our wounded hearts and good deeds will now determine who we are.

Who are we and what can Pope Francis expect to see in us?

We are the poor in spirit who long for acceptance.

We are the divorced and remarried who search for a place in his embrace.

We are the mothers who now mourn for their aborted children.

We are those who have sexually abused our children and now carry heavy guilt.

We are the women who believe we are called to serve as priests.

We are the youth that find it difficult to appreciate and live our faith in a world of many false gods.

We are leaders and lay ministers of parishes who have stopped being servant leaders and now expect to be served as leaders.

We are pastors who have left behind our sheep for a more comfortable life.

We are those who wish to redefine marriage to include spouses of same gender.

We are the wounded church that needs to be rebuilt and reanimated.

Pope Francis will find a broken and divided flock in need of reconciliation and re-evangelization and which longs to be embraced and blessed.

Frank Gomes