Turning schools into armed camps is no solution

Once again a letter writter has taken aim at “the misinformed public and the lying media” (Letters, April 10).

To avoid repeat of the horrible tragedies at Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, the writer proposes that what is needed is armed security personnel and to post signs notifying people of their presence.

The writer belittles the danger posed by the 9 mm semiauto pistols used by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

What the writer failed to mention was the “long rifle” that Lanza was carrying; a Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle was one of the several weapons police found at the school.

The state’s chief medical examiner said all 20 children and six teachers gunned down had been struck more than once in the fusillade.

He said their wounds were “all over, all over.” Those weapons carrying high capacity shell casings pose an unnecessary risk for mass carnage in the hands of an unstable person bent on mayhem.

Having been an elementary school teacher and principal, I, and I suspect, most others in this challenging profession would not find teaching and learning in an armed camp compatible with the mission.

What is needed are measures to prevent unstable people access to such weapons and elimination of high- capacity shell casings which should be used only in military settings.

That would not guarantee school safety, but it would definitely impede massacres of the aforementioned variety. Armed security guards at Virginia Tech and Columbine did not prevent the slaughter.

Keith Echeverri