West Maui drivers a hazard to scooter and bike riders

I bicycle for exercise and ride a scooter for transportation all over West Maui.

After riding both for thousands of miles I’ve determined that some West Maui drivers are either criminally stupid or they truly believe a 50-foot bubble surrounds them where none of the laws of physics applies. Maybe it’s both.

I base this theory on the number of times motor vehicle drivers have pulled alongside of me when I’m riding and made a right turn into me. Without good situational awareness I’d probably be stains on the roadway.

I’ve gone after a few bubble drivers and when confronted, they claim they didn’t see me or are so, so sorry. I don’t buy their excuse of not seeing me as I’m always a fashion risk wearing bright colors whenever I ride.

I thought I might be a target but then remembered the scooter rider that was cut off at Wahikuli Road. He struck a telephone pole and was DOA.

The bubble drivers are probably lucky it’s me going after them. All they’ll get is flame-tinged obscenities or some wait time until the police arrive. Other riders may not be so kind.

I knew a motorcycle rider on the Mainland who always rode with his pet brick bungeed to the seat behind him. I saw him one day and noticed his pet brick was missing. I asked him where his pet was and he replied, “‘I lost him through the windshield of a Buick.'”

Pete Fanarkiss