Wrong choices made on Montana Beach house

The Maui News article on the Montana Beach house demolition (April 10) doesn’t mention the owner applied without a shoreline certification or that he was overpaid for a building he deemed “to hold the county harmless and was 100 percent responsible for every penny into a plan review waiver permit.”

I have made it plain that it should be a community center. If they tear down the house, HC&S should tear out the revetment wall it installed and, according to Army Corps permits, was supposed to remove when the lime kiln was removed or buried on the property.

What this article clearly shows is the mismanagement and continued poor choices the county makes. The lifeguards are in a trailer, and there are three bathrooms in the Montana Beach house that can be used now by the public. Why isn’t it a lifeguard station? It’s very sad.

Christina Hemming