Acting in anger is a waste of valuable energy

Over the past several weeks, there have been numerous letters expressing the excessive Motor Vehicles and Licensing Division rates, shortcomings of the Maui County Council and unfair water and electric charges, to name a few. It seems that we really do have a monster in our midst, but what shall we do?

As I see it, we have several choices:

* We can continue to whine to The Maui News.

* We could do as our ancestors did – gather the villagers with pitchforks and torches and storm the castle.

* Do something actually proactive. Wow.

In the news recently, our esteemed governor expressed his desire to serve another term. We surely have, here on-island, concerned groups, citizens and professionals who have the wherewithal to organize as one voice to make our concerns heard.

If our governor truly wants to do the right thing, it is up to us to point out what that right thing is. Our best weapon is education. The correct venue would be at the polls. To act in anger is a useless waste of valuable energy.

Roy Ayala