Administration still lying about Benghazi murders

I found the political cartoon May 12 insulting and outrageous to suggest that as Americans we simply turn off the news about Benghazi. I was not brought up this way.

It’s insulting because four Americans were murdered while this administration did nothing. A president who went to bed so he could catch his flight the next day to Las Vegas to campaign. A secretary of state who stated, “What difference at this point does it make?” And the general public is oblivious to the whole thing because the main street media have completely ignored or, like the cartoon states, turned it off.

Outraged because we are the United States of America. We don’t desert our own. We don’t allow one American, let alone four, to be slaughtered when we could have sent in help. And, by all accounts, we could have possibly saved them. Instead, the military backup was told to stand down. We’re Americans, we don’t stand down. We stand up and do whatever it takes to rescue and protect one of our own.

To think that this administration lied to the families, to the country and continues to lie to us is an insult to them and to us. We deserve better and they sure deserved better. We’re Americans, for God’s sake. Let’s start acting like it. As Americans, stand and let your voice be heard.

Rosie Poree-Hogin