Agencies target political enemies of White House

Hearings into the Internal Revenue Service singling out Tea Party-type groups for harassment were held recently. During the hearings it was shown that many federal agencies took information from the IRS, and the Environmental Protection Agency, Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, Department of Energy, immigration, Antitrust Division, Department of Health and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, plus others dropped in on Tea Party leaders’ and members’ places of business or homes seeking evidence of wrongdoing.

This harassment now numbers into the thousands of instances nationally. Notable is that Muslim groups were routinely passed and granted 501c(4) status in an average of 34 days. The president’s advocacy organization was granted status in 24 days.

This is big government tyranny that the left dismissed as reactionary, even as a sign of mental illness in certain cases.

Does anyone in the media notice fact-targeting of White House political enemies happened and multiple agencies were involved? This indicates to any reasonable person this was coordinated in an effort to benefit Democrats.

This is a crime that completely dwarfs Watergate.

Pat Kean