At least there’s a warning that harm is on the way

I’d like to personally thank Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. for posting the dates, times and locations of the cane fields that are scheduled to be burned. I can now pack my bag ahead of time so I can reserve a hotel room or call a friend to spend the night so I can wake up to clean air and a fresh smell.

I also appreciate the heads-up on the burning so I can go to the store to stock up on throat lozenges, eyedrops and surgical masks so my allergies don’t get triggered by the smoke and ash causing weeks of misery.

And, oh yes, this timely notice allows me to cover my lanai so that the falling ash doesn’t get black smears on my furniture or fall in my coffee while reading the newspaper.

Mahalo, HC&S, for being a responsible steward of the health and welfare of the community and for allowing residents enough time to protect themselves from harm.

Barbara Botkin