Condominium owners being gouged on water rates

Condominium owners are being unfairly targeted by the county water department and the council members with excessively high water rates.

Most condo owners are on one meter with many other units. For example, in the condo where I live in Kihei we have 336 units on five water meters, which equals 72 units on each water meter. The water rates are based on usage per meter regardless if you have one home on one meter or a condo with 72 or 100 or 200 units on one meter.

Dave Taylor, the director of water supply, says the average household uses 16,000 gallons of water per month.

In a house with one meter, that 16,000 gallons will cost you approximately $57. If you live in a condo, you will pay $80 for the same 16,000 gallons just because you share your waterline with many other unit owners.

Furthermore, the cost for the county to read all the individual household meters is much more costly than to read a small number of meters in a condo.

It is time we all tell the county no more when it comes to unfairly targeting condos with high water rates.

If you look at the revenues generated by the county the last couple of years because of this abuse toward condo owners, you will see why it is doing it. It is a cash cow for the county. It is thievery and cheating.

Brett Fahnestock