Council gets a raise and roads keep getting worse

In response to an April 25 letter regarding increased salaries for the mayor and council: It is indeed a conflict of interest for the Salary Commission to be appointed by the mayor and council members.

This commission should be elected by the people.

Furthermore, it is indeed robbery that Maui council members make over $22,000 more than Oahu council members, especially in view of the fact that our roads are in terrible states of disrepair. How can they possibly justify raising their salaries?

Unbelievable, as so many people are suffering economically in our community and our roads and water system need so much updating/repair.

Makawao and Baldwin avenues and Kokomo, Haiku and Hansen roads are riddled with patches and holes. The council should take a ride in these areas to see the danger, especially when driving at night. There are no reflectors of any kind on many of these Upcountry roads, which adds to the hazard when you are zigzagging all over the road from the bumps, potholes, patches and missing asphalt.

How can we possibly have faith in our politicians when the priority seems to be raising their salaries instead of fixing our roads and inadequate water systems?

Hope Tavares