Country is being smothered by the liberal agenda

The recent Internal Revenue Service scandal points to a bigger problem for our republic – the degree of infiltration by liberal/progressive/socialist (LPS) operatives into areas that should be totally neutral.

Communists have used this strategy for a century, whereby their agents get in on the ground floor and work their way up to the highest levels of bureaucracy, thus ensuring LPS dominance. Like a creeping vine left to spread and choke out other plants, we see that LPS influence has spread to the very top of our system. Can we really trust the president or attorney general to fully investigate this scandal when they refused to investigate Black Panther voter intimidation in 2007, or the recent financial disasters that have brought the world to the brink of ruin?

If LPS agents can cause mayhem in the IRS, what havoc have they wreaked in other areas, especially polling/voting? Is this why unpopular programs, put forward by an unpopular president, supported by a clearly biased media, continue to be proposed and adopted?

We need to wake up to the fact that our republic is ready to be smothered by the LPS agenda. Remember this when next you grovel for a permit or license.

Robert C. Murdoch