Death sentence is not appropriate for Jodi Arias

In reference “Jury finds Arizona woman eligible for death penalty” (The Maui News, May 16): I don’t think Jodi Arias should be sentenced to death. She should be given life. She could be an asset to her cellmates. I don’t condone her killing of Travis Alexander. She should have walked away. But what is done is done. We cannot turn the timetable.

Betrayal that involves degrading and dehumanizing is the ultimate trigger to a breakdown beyond comprehension. I sympathized with Mr. Alexander’s family, but justice has been served. Jodi Arias is convicted. Let her live.

She could be a mentor to cellmates, especially for those who cannot speak English and probably did not have a voice for proper justification. She could advocate for these vulnerable unfortunates. She should be given a chance. One life has been taken already due to sexual obsessions. Let this be a lesson to all sexual deviants who don’t have any respect for the sacredness of their body.

I applaud the defense attorney. Her integrity as a lawyer is intact.

Empathy is the key to better understanding.

Irene B. Nakama