Democrats tearing down Judeo-Christian values

Republicans believe in an unfettered Second Amendment. They don’t agree with the murder of unborn children, and only the union between one man and one woman constitutes marriage.

Our society was built on Judeo-Christian values. These values and the Ten Commandments are all one needs to live a righteous and safe life. We don’t need to build a network of tyrannical laws and taxes to force civility on society, we need to build sound societal values.

Elite suppressors of our society are led by the Democratic Party progressive agenda. The Democrats fundamentally choose to redefine our society by eliminating God’s word from guiding our lives. The Democrats value equal rights of everyone and every animal but demonstrate the unborn child has no rights. They have redefined pregnancy as a sickness so women should have the right to murder their babies in their womb in the name of reproductive health.

Democrats wanting to ascribe a nurturing home for the raising of children fits with their new definition of marriage, even though there is no proof it does. They preach they are for the children but their agenda demonstrates not – with 54 million babies murdered in the last 40 years.

The leaders of the Democrats think they are so intelligent they can legislate our purpose on Earth as man, woman and child even though God, nature and history prevail since beginning of time. They destroy society for any price for power, knowing their utopian view of equality can never be achieved.

Thomas Fairbanks