Demonizing the right is left’s fall-back position

Once again, I sit in awe after reading “Stop printing those stupid, right-wing diatribes” (Letters, May 5). The letter is just another installment from a writer who would be most happy with a total leftist-run newspaper. The New York Times now, but ultimately, Korean Central News Agency of DPRK, Pravda or Al-Jazeera would be better models.

I, for one, think if The Maui News leans one way it’s a little left with its editorials and columns, but, that said, on whole it does a good job.

Paragraph three of the letter tells the real story of most people on the left. What is that you say? Demonizing the right is and will always be the left’s fall-back position because, in the end, it is all it has.

Let’s examine the paragraph: The right is “losing America.” You’re kidding, right? The left won the 2012 popular vote only by 2 percentage points, thankful only to a totally biased media as its campaign manager. There is no war on women on the right and, as usual, the distortion of a war on immigrants is actually a war on illegal immigrants.

To the extent we are losing – with our universities being left-wing seminaries, secularism slowly destroying our value system, a welfare system that is close to having more people on it than supporting it and a media that promotes it all – one can see the right’s challenges.

Our challenge isn’t valid arguments, it’s having them not totally distorted.

Bill Botts