Differences observed at graduation ceremonies

It was bittersweet day for my wife and I to see our son graduate – the fact that he’ll be moving forward to learn more, hoping he’ll become successful later and soon we realized that he’s not a little child anymore and will be away from home soon.

Couple of things I observed between this and last year’s graduation. Last year and this year’s similarities are the blowing of horns after the name was called. Poor thing for the next name called, nobody’s able to understand who that was. It clearly says on the gate: “No blow horns.” The sheriff asked one guy sitting on the stairs to move out and sit on the bleacher instead, but wasn’t able to keep people from blowing horns.

The worst part is people leaving the bleachers as soon as their child/friend/relative is called. For me it was rude, considering the actual ceremony is not done yet.

Last year there were some huge letter signs at the grass lot area to easily locate the graduates. This year was seriously chaotic.

I guess the main thing is graduates were able to conquer their diplomas. It was fun.

Gilbert Santiago