DMVL workers burdened by added workload

In response to an April 30 letter: The Kihei satellite office of the Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing has a staff of three clerks. The fourth member is the road test examiner, who does the road tests and assists in processing drivers licensing when able.

When lunches start, which workers are entitled to by law, there will be two clerks to assist all the customers.

The wait has increased due to the addition of legal presence and state IDs.

If customers went to the Maui County website and actually read and understood the requirements and didn’t just come into the office unprepared document- and payment-wise (cash or check only), transactions would go much faster.

As for longer hours, are taxpayers willing to pay for the additional staffing or overtime this would create?

Are people aware that county and state workers have not received a cost-of-living raise in four years, had furloughs, increases in medical costs and some took a 5 percent pay cut? While our mayor and council received a 19 percent raise. Are they not county workers too? Ask them to come to work at any DMV office.

Lita Ehara