DOE making excuses while children go without

Some automated phones will ask, “In Spanish or English?” At the same time, officials are trying to keep illegals from crossing the border into the U.S.

Spanish and French have been taught in schools for some time now.

This is Hawaii. There’s only enough seats for 40 in the Hawaiian immersion class, but 53 want to be in the class at Paia School. Hold a lottery to pick the 40. Not enough room for Hawaiian but room for alien classes. There’s a word for that – discrimination. Like the missionaries and the plantations tried to do in trying to wipe out the Hawaiian culture and people.

Money from the Department of Education keeps getting used for other than educational purposes, and our children have to do without and we hear excuses. Do things right. Find ways to accommodate. Anybody can make excuses.

Henry P. Kahula Jr.