Equity missing in calculations for pay raises

Yes, looks like Maui County forgot to carry the one in its calculations for this year’s pay increases. The interesting part is that the Salary Commission, a board of volunteers appointed by the mayor, remembered to carry the one in its calculations.

Commission members decided to give the top management folks at the county raises with ones in the number – the mayor is getting 19 percent, council members are getting 15 percent and the directors/deputy directors are getting 15 percent. Notice the ones there.

The regular employees, like myself and so many others, are being offered 4 percent by the employer. You see it left the one off in its offer.

I don’t see how it is fair that the top folks all get 15 percent-plus while the employees who work for them will get 4 percent. I say add a one to the regular employees’ offers or remove the one from the top management folks’ raises.

Let’s have some equity here.

Joe Prutch