Freedom and liberty based on personal sovereignty

Personal sovereignty is what freedom and liberty spring from. If we do not have personal sovereignty then there cannot be any freedom regardless of how some wish to explain it. Any other view believes in slavery.

A May 5 writer insisted that this country was built on a Judeo-Christian ethic. It may be true that many follow that idea in their personal lives, but the very first thing our founders did was to make it clear in the Constitution that there could not be any religious beliefs established in our politics. We can all believe anything we please. We can be Christians or Jews or Muslims or atheists, etc. Our choice is a mark of our freedom.

Some think it’s OK to say abortion is murder. I counsel those who believe that to never have or pay for one. Other than that, it is none of their business as to what a woman does with her sovereign person, which includes all things happening in her body.

If you truly believe in a God, let him deal with that stuff. I am 100 percent sure no God would be so lame as to need anyone else to deliver his messages or form his opinions or pass any judgments.

When I first came here 45 years ago, the thing that I loved most about Maui was the live-and-let-live attitude. Why mess with the best we had?

Pippo Schillaci