Game’s cancellation a sad day for Maui baseball

I was really looking forward to the Baldwin/Maui High baseball game on May 11, only to be disappointed, as so many fans were.

After a night of rain, it was the only canceled game. Well, it was the only canceled game until the decision was made at 3:30 p.m. to cancel the championship game. Other consolation games were played.

If the concern was for the condition of the field, why not cancel all the consolation games from the get-go and prepare the field for the championship?

We all know the answer to that. The prospect of an ignominious end for Baldwin as the No. 1 seed had to be prevented at all costs.

Such dishonorable behavior was a pathetic thing for Maui players to have to witness. These things should always be decided on the field, not pre-empted by higher-ups protecting so-called reputations.

It was a very sad day for baseball on Maui.

Ironically, by attempting to save its reputation, Baldwin accomplished the exact opposite. The Maui High team played hard and did not deserve to have its chance at fifth place at state taken away. After all, had Maui High won, Maui and Baldwin would have been dead even at 33 for the season. What was Baldwin so scared of?

Wendy Bolton