God doesn’t need others to do the explaining

A May 22 letter writer claims that homosexuality is a deviation from design. I wonder if the writer understands the implication of what he says? Evidently his God blew it and made some people that displease the writer. How can that be? Doesn’t the writer believe that his God is powerful and everything he has created is perfect in his eyes and if there is a mistake anywhere, why might it not be that he made him?

He worries that it will all get out of hand if gays can marry. Yeah, then how about those Martians that eat people or the lesbians that are into Sharia law and those Jews that are the devil’s disciples? None of it makes sense.

As to believing or not that God will judge our actions, I think many will need to see proof of that one way or another, otherwise you expect us to believe you have been sent by God to wise us up and warn us that he will punish those he made as they are by burning them in hell forever. Whatever happened to your all-knowing merciful God?

I’m willing to defend everyone’s right to their opinions but I’m pretty sick and tired of people who seem to think God is unable to speak with us directly. Our receiving device is called our conscience.

Pippo Schillaci