Government pay raises too much to bear at present

I love our mayor and our County Council members, however the new costs that they are asking us to bear are too much.

What with the state government’s inability to cut costs as well as the new forecasted higher water rates as well as property tax increases added to our new salary increases for the mayor and the council members, it’s just too much. Add that all to Maui Electric Co.’s excessive and constantly rising rates and, all in all, our leaders must imagine that the Maui populace has suddenly all turned into millionaires.

Wishful thinking on their behalf so that they can fund all the good ideas. Albeit these good ideas are all necessary, they are not all affordable. Most of Maui’s citizens are still struggling to make ends meet.

Our good mayor and council must go back and prioritize what is really needed and then exclude the rest until another time. Possibly analyzing the scope and costs involved in the then-selected good ideas is next thing to do. Possibly is there cost savings that could be implemented?

I believe that all of us are having problems in going along with all the new costs that are in the present government’s mind. Before the next election let’s request our government to come to its senses and be a bit more mindful of the reality of the financial status of the average Maui working or retired heroes and heroines.

Chris Phillips