Hawaii’s working families deserve job protection

This is in response to the April 27 “Chamber View” column by Pamela Tumpap regarding HB 634, which requires those who purchase a business with 100 or more employees in Hawaii to keep all existing nonmanagement employees.

I support HB 634 and disagree with the opinion of the Maui Chamber of Commerce, its corporate sponsors and associations. They claim the bill would decrease the number of buyers interested in doing business in Hawaii, make it hard to sell their businesses and hamper investments in Hawaii.

Larry Ellison decided to purchase a business here and kept all the employees.

Hawaii should be the first state to enact such a law. If you want to make your money here then accept our diverse, unique and high cost-of-living. For those of us working ohanas trying to make ends meet, we need this job security. These businesses need our blood and sweat to make their profits. This bill shouldn’t be for businesses 100 or more employees but for all businesses. Unfortunately, the way to make bigger profits is to outsource and reduce benefits of the employees. If we want to better our community and help our local economy here in the islands prosper, we need to start with our working families.

Let your elected officials know you care about your jobs and your ohana.

Mike Bunyard