Homosexuals who come out should be applauded

What would you do if you woke up one morning and realized you are a homosexual? Would you conceal your identity and suffer in agony?

Homosexuality is not a choice. The only choices are whether to come out or not. And those who make the choice to come out, knowing the malice scrutiny of the ignorant, should be applauded. That is what you call courage.

In reference to May 22 letter: There is a fine line between homosexuals and pedophiles. Homosexuals are people with emotions, just like you and I. They’re capable of acquiring a moral compass. It’s not their fault if fate made a mistake. They might be even better in committed relationship and better parents to adopted children. My only concern is displaying affection in public. To prevent confusion of growing children, be more considerate and discreet.

Pedophiles are just plain psychopaths. They can be homosexuals or heterosexuals. Their disguise as goody-goody is the most brutal deception.

The only gateway to pedophiliac behavior is the continual miscarriage of justice. The minimum 18 months in jail for a father and son (The Maui News, April 17) is devastating. What if jail is too crowded? Are we heading to a society where humans are allowed to behave like dogs and helpless children are the pawns? The poisons squirming within the justice system might be the main endorser for a possible campaign.

Homosexuality is not a sin. Pedophilia is a sin beyond comprehension.

Irene B. Nakama