Human beings are created with varying traits

A May 22 letter claimed that homosexuality is a deviation from design. Respectfully – and on behalf of my gay son and others of the LGBTI spectrum – I beg to disagree.

Just as automobile brands come in different trims, many animals, including man, come with varying traits. Chimpanzee, dolphin, marmoset, fox, elephant, penguin and other animal populations exhibit homosexual behavior. Others exhibit the unrelated trait of transsexualism. All angelfish, for example, are born female and some change to male during reproductive periods.

Not all humans have the standard XX or XY chromosomal female or male pattern; some may have XXY, XXXY, X chromosomes or other intersex conditions. There may be a statistically standard design, but God obviously loves diversity.

It is only some of mankind who stubbornly refuse to advance beyond the writings of a desert tribe that was about 98 percent illiterate and who therefore hate both change and scientific reality.

Robyn Walters