Increasing taxes is not the answer to everything

I had to laugh when I read that two council people thought fellow Council Member Mike White was being “Draconian” in questioning the increase in property taxes (The Maui News, May 1). Increasing taxes anywhere in government is not fiscally responsible in our present economic climate.

Maui, be proud that we have one council member who understands business, taxes and budgets. White knows how hard it is to do business in Hawaii and own the property under the roof. Not an easy job.

We are now seeing the council earning its money taking it line by line. This is our money the council is spending. Tax increases are not the answer to everything. Living within our means, making the hard choices and negotiation is what constitutes fiscal responsibility.

Thank you, Mike White, for doing the hard work.

By the way, Draconian means harsh, brutal – tax increases would fall in that category.

Lisa Gapero