Jessica’s Law is needed to protect Hawaii’s keiki

Jessica’s Law refers to the Jessica Lunsford Act from Florida, which mandates a minimum of 25 years to life for child sex offenders. Hawaii is one of the seven states in the U.S. that haven’t begun a path into adopting this law.

In Hawaii, the minimum sentence for a convicted sex offender is two years.

In “Eighteen months, probation for man in sexual assault of girl over 5 years” (The Maui News, April 17) and “Man gets 5 years for car break-in” (The Maui News, April 20), you can see just how much we need Jessica’s Law. A man who committed theft was sentenced more than a man who sexually molested a young girl.

Here, you are more likely to hear of animal cruelty laws and increase of penalties than that for sex offenders.

What is that saying about the people of Hawaii?

In an interview with Sen. Sam Slom, Hawaii Senate minority leader, Bill O’Reilly called Hawaii a “free fire zone for pedophiles,” which seems right to say with the effort put in to adopting this law being all but little. Slom added that they say everything in Hawaii is for the keiki but if it truly is, why not pass the law? I commend Slom for his persistence in trying to get this law.

The people in Hawaii who have the power to pass this law should be ashamed that they are fighting it and not trying to pass it.

Mauliola Gonsalves