Judicial system failed child who was molested

I am in total agreement with the shock, sadness and outrage of an April 23 letter writer voiced about the judicial system failure relating to a child who was molested from the age of 8 (The Maui News, April 17).

To then have the judge state, “She is stronger for this . . .” is beyond comprehension. Stronger for what? The experience of being violated physically and emotionally by those she should trust? Where was an advocate for this child both prior to and inside the courtroom? One has to have their head in the sand to be unaware of the long-term trauma caused by this type of abuse.

Were the perpetrators required to pay for the long-term therapy that should be offered and required for this child? I suspect not.

The sentence handed down (18 months) by Judge Richard Bissen was a slap on the wrist for this heinous crime. At a minimum, her rapists should have received five years in prison without parole, the same length of time this child was victimized.

Bev Spence