Kids are shooting kids and still the beat goes on

Headline: “Boy, 5, fatally shoots sister, 2.”

You would be right to blame the parents, first for buying a firearm for a 5-year-old, second for allowing him access to it without supervision.

Supporters of background check legislation noted no such check was conducted on the 5-year-old, so who knows what they would have found in his sordid background.

President Barack Obama invited the grieving parents to the White House to be a backdrop while he pressured Congress to act on legislation.

The leading gun lobbying group said the shooting proved background check and assault weapons ban legislation would not have helped, so Republicans vowed to continue blocking all attempts at gun availability limits.

The group’s head said, “The best defense against a bad kid with a gun is a good kid with a gun.” He proposed mandatory arming of every child at least 2 years of age and armed guards at all preschools and child care centers.

The Mayor’s Office was asked about how Hawaii laws would have prevented such a shooting, but the answer in his weekly column was so much gobbledygook no one understood it.

Anti-abortion groups called for research into a way to arm fetuses so they can protect themselves. The Tea Partyers said the incident occurred because of too many taxes on the rich. Homophobes were silent.

The boy said, “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

And the beat goes on. Who’s next?

Howard Fields