Kiters creating a safety hazard by ignoring rules

Swimmers, paddlers and windsurfers are being put in danger by more and more irresponsible kiters at Kanaha (The Maui News, May 19).

If a kiter’s cord drops across canoe paddlers, it can injure or kill them. Some kiters think it is funny to jump over the canoes, buzz them and risk their lives.

An agreement was made that inside the reef, kiters would stay below Ka’a Point, and that both kiters and windsurfers would stay at least 200 feet away from canoes. Kiters are ignoring these rules and creating a serious safety hazard.

Vacation rental owners incorrectly tell kiters to kite inside the reef and launch from above Ka’a Point.

I know responsible kiters who practice safety. These other arrogant and irresponsible kiters are giving them a bad name. The good kiters are going to have to talk sense to these idiots putting people at risk. We need signs and citations.

The agreement that kept people relatively safe has broken down. The responsible kiters must take responsibility for enforcing safety zones and keeping the agreement not to kite inside the reef above Ka’a Point. If they can’t, then we need to look at banning kiting from the Kanaha area altogether.

Karen Chun