Liberals want freedoms only that suit their cause

A May 5 letter writer obviously takes offense to an opinion of Jonah Goldberg (Opinion, April 28).

And while he has the right to be offended, agree to disagree, show disgust and utter disrespect for Mr. Goldberg, he has no right to call for complete censorship toward the columnist or The Maui News.

This is one of the many things about these modern-day, progressive liberals I find hard to digest. They want freedoms, just as everybody does, as long as you agree wholeheartedly with their ideals and do not dare stray off course and lean toward anything that even somewhat resembles conservatism. Because then, like Mr. Goldberg, you will find yourself being pelted with nasty letters from the truest form of little whiners – the same people who took the scoreboards away from soccer games because they don’t have the backbone to tell their children that not everybody walks away a winner. The same people who fail to teach their children that hard work and determination can accomplish anything.

So, as far as opinions go in America, you can love them, you can hate them, but don’t you dare make it the new norm to censor them.

Barry K. Winston