Many benefits to having a high school in Kihei

I support the new Kihei high school.

High school students from Kihei presently attend Maui High School in Kahului. This is because there is no closer public high school. Kihei bus services to and from other schools are also unavailable.

Because the population is increasing in Kihei, as well as all over the island, students from southern Maui need a school they can call their own. This will greatly impact the community all around.

Having a school in Kihei will solve the issue with the costs of transportation to go to and from school in Kahului. If we get a neighborhood school, we can improve the graduation rates because students will be free of expenses that keep them from going to school.

As a high school student from Kihei, it is very important to me that everyone has the chance to experience the multiple opportunities that will be granted by having a local school.

Thankfully, this vision is finally coming true. I’m sure that this community will be delighted to finally have a school in which Kihei residents can claim themselves.

Kiana Carroll