Money being mishandled by council members

Let me get this straight or am I dreaming? A couple of council members want to raise the property tax so they can give more to nonprofit organizations and to their personal staff?

What is the meaning of nonprofit? Isn’t it by donations from the public?

I know of some taxpayers who donate their services to these so-called nonprofit outfits because they want to give from the heart.

The County Council wants to show people that it cares by donating our money – not only council members’ tax money, but our tax money to a nonprofit organization. If you want to give, do it from your own pocket, or not why not from campaign funds?

Even for council members’ staffs it should be the council members paying their salaries, not the public. We elected you, not them. They’re doing councilors’ jobs while the members out at their regular jobs. Also, they all should be paid all the same, not one higher than the other. They are the people that find all the loopholes for the council members to cockroach or defraud the people of Maui.

Rudy Sumabat