More people like White are needed on council

So, Council Member Mike White stands on principle on highly paid parks chief Glenn Correa (15 percent raise to $114,700) and insists at that salary he ought to have the capability of presenting his own budget.

White’s various actions have been called Draconian and disrespectful to the mayor.

If the typical worker ever gets a raise, it is usually no more than 6 percent, sometimes less. Yet, county officials get raises of 15 to 20 percent. Unconscionable.

White is an all too rare bird on the council – highly intelligent, highly experienced in running an organization, a great presider over the budget process.

For too long, we have elected officials who are ill-educated (I went to high school), rarely say anything cogent on the council and include one convicted felon (we can do better).

I often say if something makes sense on Maui, we do the opposite.

This needs to change.

In the last election, I asked a candidate if he could ever conceive of a situation when he would vote against a development. He couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. He couldn’t answer a question on his position on Olowalu, saying he would have to study it. He was elected.

We need not only to elect better people but support them. We need more people like White. There are council members who may be more popular but too few who approach their job with his intelligence.

Mahalo, Mike, for standing up for principle, for doing what is pono.

Norm Bezane