New tourist buses are an eyesore; get rid of them

I have lived in Hawaii for 32 years. I moved to Maui two years ago and live on the west side.

Recently I have noticed some strange new transportation transporting tourists through the west side and into Lahaina town. What I am talking about is a red, hot dog-looking bus with a giant whale tail on top. Is this really something that we need to have in our beautiful island going up and down the streets of Lahaina?

I am really surprised that the state Department of Transportation would approve such an eyesore on Maui.

We already have so many large buses and transportation vehicles on the island. I think this one with the whale tail on top needs to go.

If we all look and talk to our friends on the other islands, you’ll see and hear that the quiet little town of Kailua on Oahu is no longer quiet. Many large buses are in and out, bringing tourists and ruining the quietness of that quaint town.

Let’s not ruin our town of Lahaina on Maui. All I ask is these eyesore commercial buses be taken away.

John Browning