Not obligated to save the ignorant from themselves

Early in life, I remember the banter amongst my elders when they talked current events around the Thanksgiving table. Most were liberals and some were conservatives and they would argue all night long. We kids just wanted to finish dinner and go outside and play.

But, one year, my grandfather (a lifelong Democrat) said something that has stuck with me ever since: “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. And if you’re not a conservative at 50, you have no brain.”

Current events as they are, and reading letters from both the left-wing decrying a Fox News right-wing conspiracy or the occasional right-wing letter expressing total frustration with the left-wing nut, I reminisce and just want to go outside and play.

I’ve long since given up on trying to explain the obvious to the ignorant. I no longer care if they don’t get it, and feel no obligation to save them from themselves, though they will always continue to try and save us from ourselves (helmet laws, seat-belt laws, Big Gulps – you name it). The liberals want to dictate everyone else’s lives according to their views.

When or if the stuff hits the fan on a much larger scale in this country or worldwide, it will be the known conservative in the neighborhood – with a gun – where all the liberals go running for protection and sustenance. Conservatives find peace in this knowledge and will choose whom to allow into their homes.

Jake Jacobus