Not unreasonable to blame the right for bad things

After reading Jonah Goldberg’s piece (Opinion, April 28), I had to respond.

When the right’s stated need for guns is to protect themselves from our government, when they refer to the current administration as a regime, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives members as jack-booted thugs, suggest an armed revolution if President Barack Obama won and a Second Amendment solution to laws they do not agree with, is it any wonder some might think about them when something bad happens?

The above comments were made by Rush Limbaugh, the National Rifle Association, a Texas judge and Michelle Bachmann, so it is not left-wing spin.

Add to this the fact the homegrown politically motivated violence of the last few years has been committed by the right, it was not unreasonable to think the Boston bombings were committed by someone on the right.

Gary Thompson