Obama’s socialistic antics like a runaway train

In my latest verbiage (Feb. 6), I shared my discontent in political prowess.

Nevertheless, since the good Lord gifted me with American status and subsequently the reigns of free speech and press via the kind staff at The Maui News, I’ll accept it.

President Bill Clinton’s verbal hash at last year’s Democratic National Convention paved the road to Barack Obama’s re-election.

Obama’s socialistic antics reflect the euphemism of a runaway passenger train and the common man is on board. Deception may well determine this man’s legacy. Ask yourself: How could any candidate possibly receive almost all of the black vote, and did empathy have anything to do with the white?

The race card is a fruitless endeavor and consequently a moot point. Kindly refer to The Maui News on April 20, 2012, for my view on racism.

Along with the nation’s credit rating, the dollar remains in decline.

Scholars of biblical prophecy have an ear. No living political dignitary conjures more anti-Christian sentiment than Barack Hussein Obama. This so-called Christian president leaves no reference to father God nor his son. This is a true statement. Care to debate?

May I be so bold as to suggest to those on the Obama train wrecks get off and with prayer and diligence revere your creator. Anything less will not suffice. For more thoughts on the meddling of church and state, see The Maui News on May 27, 2012.

You’re in my territory now, Mr. Obama. Business is under way.

Jeff Blagus