Officials get raise while money wasted needlessly

This is outrageous. Why is the mayor getting a 19 percent raise and council members a 13 percent raise when the mayor’s own budget calls for $24 million in cuts?

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

Also, while these people get raises, the rest of us have to drive on roads that are in desperate need of repairs. So what do they do? The county decides to do an oil coating on a completely good road and hires a company that has now turned a once nice, smooth road into one filled with horrible deep grooves and lots of lumps and bumps. Not only is it now an uncomfortable ride, but it is a an eyesore and an embarrassment.

Has the mayor or any county official been on the road since they have finished? There was nothing wrong with the road to begin with. Just another waste of money in addition to the fat raises for the mayor and those on the county payroll. Enough already.

Deb Kaye