One beautiful, entrance to Lahaina is now shabby

A couple of years ago, a beautiful new entrance to Lahaina was built as one drove in from the south. The road was widened, center medians were installed and nicely landscaped.

Take a look at it now. The landscape is not being maintained and should be an embarrassment to the county and also Lahaina town.

There are weeds throughout, some as tall as 4 feet, palms need to be trimmed and the ground cover is growing into the street. On the makai side of the road, there is a 1-foot-wide area of grass that is between the curb and the sidewalk. Weeds are taking over and are over 1 foot tall, grass is growing into the street and looks terrible.

Is this what we want visitors to Lahaina to experience? What does it take to get a crew out on a regular basis to keep us looking presentable?

Ben Leland