One-judge selection process is flawed

Art Maui 2013 is now history. The 555 works submitted to this juried exhibition were winnowed down to 135 by a single judge, subject to all the peculiar biases, predilections and spacey whims which he himself revealed in his autobiographical material.

I find this selection process to be flawed. The exhibit organizers would be well advised to empanel a true jury of at least three, but preferably five, recognized artists to ensure a more fair and balanced selection approach. Such a group could include, but not be limited to, an academician, a noted local artist, a hopeful amateur and even a gallery owner. You get the idea.

Yes, selection might take longer, but the results would be less prone to one person’s pre-conceived notions. With a little imagination, the Art Maui board could put together a truly diversified panel in time for the 2014 exhibition.

Robert W. Riebling