Parents cautioned about behavior at soccer matches

As a lifelong soccer player, I have noticed many things about the sport, the players and the referees, but mostly I’ve noticed many things about the crowds.

The crowds, as you might guess, are made up mostly of friends and family of the players. This is not a bad thing, yet it is not always a good thing. Since the players’ parents are in the crowd watching the game, they tend to get a little loud when the other team scores or when the referee makes a so-called bad call.

It’s OK to cheer on your team and encourage the players, but some parents can go a little overboard.

Parents, screaming at your child or the coaches will not make them do better. In any case, it will make them do worse. It distracts players and makes coaches feel on edge.

Also, making comments or rude remarks at the referee will not help your team. The referees make little mental notes of your behavior and will give your team a bad reputation.

So, parents, it’s perfectly fine to be involved in your child’s sports competitions, but please don’t be over-involved. Let the coaches coach, players play and referees ref.

Alyssa Urayanza