People support cutting programs, except for theirs

Reaction to the Maui County Council’s proposed 2014 budget cutting $24 million from the mayor’s proposed budget reminds me of the same problems facing term limits on elected officials, help for the homeless and public housing called NIMBY, which stands for “not in my backyard.”

Most everyone supports term limits, just not to their members. Most people support helping the homeless, just not on their street. And it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t think we need more affordable housing, just not in their neighborhood.

Seems we all support spending cuts and smaller government, we just don’t want to touch the programs we support. The reality is, if our community really wants to be fiscally conservative something has to be cut.

I support Budget Chairman Mike White’s budget proposal keeping spending at last year’s level while providing continued and increased services by the most qualified at the least cost to Maui County.

Peter Tierney