People would be safer if all guns were eliminated

There are very many problems surrounding gun control presently. I honestly think that gun violence is a rapidly growing area of concern that needs to be shut down immediately. Guns are lethal and unnecessary.

The fact that guns can seriously injure and/or paralyze should be enough to frighten people into not using them recklessly. But, people don’t heed the both spoken and unspoken warnings. Thousands of people have not only died from homicide using firearms, but also suicide and unintentional shootings. Thousands isn’t even counting the injured. Can you imagine just how many people were affected negatively by guns?

Guns are not only fatal, they’re also pointless. Guns are thought of as protection to most, fun for some and, for others, they’re just thought of as guns – nothing more, nothing less.

But, people don’t honestly need guns. If no one had guns, then no one would be shooting up places that held children, teens or adults.

Basically, gun violence has a simple solution that no one seems to accept. You don’t need guns to live, and it makes people safer if there weren’t any at all.

Mahie Kama