Police report urged when parked vehicles damaged

Hitting a parked car and causing damage without leaving a note can open you up to legal charges of hit and run.

My red Toyota pickup was hit while parked at Palauea/White Rock Beach in February of this year and no note was left as to who was responsible for the damage.

I had to replace the rear quarter panel at a charge of $500 to me out of pocket. The paint marks of the offending vehicle, the angle of hit and the recall of the vehicles in the area at the time seem to indicate that the vehicle that hit me belonged to one of the companies that provide maintenance for the mansions in the area.

The other day, my vehicle was again hit while parked and my rear bumper was pushed in and the rear taillight broken – once again with no note as to who caused the damage.

I’ve now researched this issue and found that the offenders can be charged with hit and run. I now know that I should have reported this to the police before leaving the scene.

May everyone else learn from my costly experience because I have found that others at Palauea/White Rock Beach have also experienced hit-and-run damage.

Steven Milewski