Process, rules keeping dogs from being rescued

After my April 28 letter appeared, I received some distressing information concerning two animal welfare organizations and their programs to fly dogs from Maui to other locations to extend their lives.

It seems Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation is having difficulty securing dogs from the Maui Humane Society even when it has homes for them. This all-volunteer rescue group will take the dogs from MHS at no cost to the shelter, but MHS says no? How can this be? Is there all at once a shortage of dogs at MHS? Are dogs no longer being killed at the animal shelter? Does MHS have excess money to spend to fly dogs to the Mainland, when a rescue group right here will accept them, never kill them and find homes for them?

In checking with MHS regarding this situation, my conclusion is that the bigger concern is the process, the rules and which organization gets the credit, while HARF’s is with the dogs and their well-being.

Mike Moran