Protest lawmakers’ failure to raise minimum wage

Everyone, including our lawmakers, is aware that no one in Hawaii can possibly subsist on the minimum wage, presently $7.25 per hour.

Our legislators, who are paid incredibly more for each hour that they actually work, have decided that the poor must remain poor by refusing to increase the minimum wage. Their offer was a measly increase of $2 over two years. The minimum wage should easily be $15 per hour.

I submit that our lawmakers be paid minimum wage – but only for the hours that they are in session. That should total about $7,000 per year, and I doubt they deserve even that.

Everyone in agreement should protest in front of their respective state buildings, which were bought and built by the taxes paid by the poor.

Statistics prove that over the past four years the top 7 percent profited while the rest of us lost. The pattern continues and will if we don’t stand up.

No protest, no progress.

Jeff Bigler