Retired people forced to pay for overdevelopment

It seems some of our county administrators are blind when it comes to balancing infrastructure with new construction.

The one main reason we’re being forced to pay more for water in our near future is because of overbuilding. They seem to think it’s OK to put the cart before the horse.

When I read the front page of The Maui News (April 7) regarding curbing water usage, it clearly showed no regard for the retired people who live on fixed incomes, some only on Social Security that they paid for.

When Dave Taylor, director of the water department, thinks it’s OK that residents let their lawns dry up by not watering them but that water is essential for agricultural users, he is clearly not considering that the value of one’s property is based greatly on how it looks. Try selling a home with an all-dirt yard.

It took me three years to finally get my yard, plants, etc., to where it looks very good. I did not get a 19 percent raise like our mayor, and most of us who are retired now shouldn’t be penalized because of overdevelopment. Without proper infrastructure to support sensible growth, problems like this will continue in Maui’s future.

Please be more considerate when you talk about the residents. Central Maui is like a big dust bowl often, and the last thing we need is more dust blowing into our residences.

David Ventura Jr.